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Chai Point revolutionizes tea culture with its wide array of tea and coffee offerings. The company operates multiple brands and innovative delivery methods, serving millions of customers with fresh, high-quality beverages across various locations.

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The Challange

Following a period of rapid growth, Chai Point sought to achieve enterprise-wide operational efficiencies and alignment in their heat-retaining tea e-commerce business. To address this, they focused primarily on their customer service, online operations, and marketing strategies.

Chai Point’s rapid expansion had resulted in inconsistencies and a lack of standardization across their digital platforms, leading to fragmented customer experiences. The numerous manual and non-transparent processes in place were challenges that Chai Point was keen to address.

Additionally, with the increasing competition and evolving digital marketing regulations, Chai Point aimed to stay ahead of the curve while maintaining the relentless customer focus and agility that are central to their brand. This required a comprehensive overhaul of their online business processes to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What did
Martellect do

Chai Point & Martellect’s shared appreciation for the power of combining scale and digital innovation with flexibility and agility made our partnership an obvious choice. Martellect has been working with Chai Point since January 2021 on two key workstreams: Proximity-Based Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement Optimization, supporting Chai Point’s marketing team specializing in targeted and data-driven marketing strategies.

Proximity-Based Digital Marketing – Martellect is working with Chai Point’s marketing team to identify, design, build, test, and deploy proximity-based marketing solutions. These strategies leverage location data to deliver personalized promotions and offers to customers near Chai Point outlets, enhancing foot traffic and sales. Thus far, Martellect has successfully implemented over 20 proximity campaigns across multiple urban centers.

Customer Engagement Optimization – Martellect led the enhancement of Chai Point’s customer engagement through personalized marketing automation. This included the integration of advanced data analytics to tailor marketing messages and offers to individual customer preferences. Additionally, Martellect has developed an intermediate communication layer to enable a seamless handoff between automated marketing platforms and live customer support to win and support new customers.

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